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NEXGEN Investigations Announces New Background Check Web Portal

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Monroe, NY | May 30, 2015 — NEXGEN Investigations President Frank Costa announced today that NEXGEN Background Investigations services implemented a new fully automated, easy to use background check website to process and access pre-employment screenings securely.

The online background check screening portal is of enterprise quality, capable of handling 500 background check screening requests an hour. The system is configured to fill orders automatically, pulling information from their respective providers. The system can fill order requests from DMV abstracts detailing traffic court violations as well as criminal records from the Federal law enforcement agencies.

Medical, auto and worker’s compensation fraud are at the forefront of the National Insurance Crime Bureau’s focus. The incidence of fraud is pervasive, especially in new job applicants. NEXGEN’s background check system helps narrow down the selection of qualified candidates. Eliminate the risk of taking on a dishonest employee by verifying education and employment experience to limit your firm’s exposure to risk.

“This robust background screening portal accesses several governmental and credit reporting databases, processing a complete and comprehensive final report in PDF format. The background check is fast, freeing up organizations to focus on hiring qualified candidates.” — Frank Costa NEXGEN Investigations President.

All sources accessed during the discovery detail the level of confidence of how credible the candidates information is. Notices with determinations can be automatically generated via email notifying the organization of the details the report and overall assessment. NEXGEN generates an “Adverse Letter” to all applicants deemed not well suited to the position applied to. The Fair Credit Report Act (FCRA) requires that  applicants be notified in writing that an adverse action is being considered, this gives candidates time to challenge the report for any incorrect data.


About NEXGEN Investigations
NEXGEN Investigative services offer a wide range of individual screening solutions to help meet your investigative needs. With over 15 years of investigative experience in both the investigative field and background research departments; our investigators will help you find the information necessary to make educated business, financial, and legal decisions.

Our research extends beyond a computer monitor and telephone inquiries, it extends to court house research and includes criminal records, civil litigation histories, driving records, residential histories and more. Our services are contracted by business owners, landlords, renting properties, attorneys and legal teams across New York.