Increased Demand for Security Guard Protection Amid COVID Pandemic

Increased Demand for Security Guard Protection Amid COVID Pandemic

Security companies are scrambling to hire guards and IT workers as businesses worry about break-ins to closed properties and cybersecurity issues associated with working remotely.

Frank Costa, President of NEXGEN Protection Security —

“Due to the civil unrest and in conjunction with corona virus, society has been very tense. The level of criminal activity has created a demand for security guards. Hiring a professional security agency to handle your business security needs is critical.

Security Guard Protection firms such as Allied Universal hire security guards who typically have relative limited customer service experience. The security guard field experiences a large turnover in staff with clients generally unhappy with new guard services provided.

Customer focus is everything. At Nexgen Protection, we treat each one of clients with the white glove treatment. Our corporate vision is not to be the largest but to provide the highest quality security guard services in the area. ”


Source: Security Today
Demand for Security Guards, Cybersecurity Workers Remains High Amid Coronavirus Pandemic.

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About NEXGEN Protection Services
NEXGEN Protection offers a wide range of security solutions to mitigate the high-risk threats unique to your business.

Frank Costa is NEXGEN’s Chief Protection Officer. Frank brings over 20 years from the world of risk management, security protection and investigations experience to protect your business’s bottom line. Costa is also on staff as senior security and counter-terrorism supervisor for a large transportation network. He provides critical security expertise to protect the public.

Every day the NEXGEN Security Team is on the front line, utilizing cutting edge technology to monitor, research and provide security protection to offset threats to your organization and employees.

Business owners, landlords, property managers, and legal teams throughout the New York State region contract NEXGEN Protection.

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