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There’s a Lot of Bad Apples Out There, Do Your Homework When Selecting a Security Firm

Frank Costa, President of NEXGEN Protection Security — There’s always one bad apple in every industry. Veteran Private Investigators knew this model would never work, and now the founder is headed to Club Fed. Nexgen doesn’t cut corners, we take protecting your business and brand seriously. We hire only top security agents who are on […]

Invest in Top Security Agents to Protect You While Out Shopping

Frank Costa, President of NEXGEN Protection Security — Companies like Home Depot have a Loss prevention Department and employee the use of Loss Prevention Agents/Store Security, to apprehend shoplifters. Many times, Loss prevention Agents deal with aggressive shoplifters who refuse to cooperate. These characters may even assault the security agent. On occasion, shoplifters are armed, […]

The Need for Security to Mitigate Losses from Employee Theft 

The Need for Security “Due to the nature of retail, companies face many exposures to losses. Generally retail companies suffer loss in (3) three ways: External (shoplifting/fraudulent returns), Paper loss (accounting errors), And internal (employee misappropriation). In general, the most exposure to loss is due to dishonest employees. They know the internal process and can […]

Uncertain Times: The Need for Security Guards for Protection

Uncertain Times: The Need for Security Protection “The need to have armed security guards at public events has never been greater than today. A 70 year old volunteer security guard saved the life of a church goer. The security guard was able to disable the threat immediately and thankfully the church goer got home safely.” […]

Increased Demand for Security Guard Protection Amid COVID Pandemic

Security companies are scrambling to hire guards and IT workers as businesses worry about break-ins to closed properties and cybersecurity issues associated with working remotely. Frank Costa, President of NEXGEN Protection Security — “Due to the civil unrest and in conjunction with corona virus, society has been very tense. The level of criminal activity has […]

Employment Screening Trends in 2021

UTILIZE BACKGROUND CHECKS TO MITIGATE RISK Frank Costa, President of NEXGEN Protection Security — “Organizations have to manage risk. Without risk, there’s no reward. Without employees, you don’t have much of a business. In order to mitigate this risk, employee backgrounds checks are vital. In the last 10 years or so, there has been changes […]

How Do I Handle an Inappropriate Social Media Post?

THINK BEFORE YOU TWEET Frank Costa, President of NEXGEN Protection Security — “Companies should have a social media policy in their employee handbook. When an employee makes public grievances, it can cause harm to an organization’s reputation and even affect their bottom line. Employ the services of an experienced security firm to have the matter […]

Fear & Uncertainty: Employee Protection In A Post Pandemic World

The New Normal: Fear & Uncertainty In this new uncertain world, businesses need to protect their employees from the threat of civil unrest and create safeguards to combat infections from the COVID-19 virus. George Floyd Fallout All around us we are now experiencing situations of civil unrest. In these uncertain times, businesses face new dangers from […]