Uncertain Times: Security Protection Challenges In The Workplace

Uncertain Times: Security Protection Challenges In The Workplace

Workplace Safety

We’re living in a world of uncertainty. Forced into lockdown, the economic fallout has been devastating. To maintain our livelihoods, we now must choice between returning to unsafe work conditions or the need to pay the rent. How do you walk away from something that’s putting food on the table for the family?

Security Threats

Racial tensions have been escalating across the United States for decades. From Black Lives to Blue Lives, we are now up against a new normal. Viral posts and retweets can ignite social unrest overnight. Emotions are stressed right now, the potential for social conflict is high.

Increased hostility as a result of civil unrest makes it difficult to maintain public safely. The chaos overflows into the streets, resulting in protests and rioting. The aftermath of damaged property and stolen inventory takes its toll on a business.

States are beginning to loosen their social distancing restrictions. Coronavirus cases and deaths continue to be reported. Consequently, day to day operations are upended resulting in cutbacks on hours as well as increases in absenteeism.

What worker safety protections does your employer have in place?

No assurances have been made from our policymakers nor employers that our streets and jobs are safe from the new threats of civil unrest and a deadly virus.

“You don’t know what’s going to happen next. There’s still protesting, and stuff’s still getting lit on fire. Measures must be put in place to ensure employees are being protected from any and all threats.” — Frank Costa, President of NEXGEN Protection Services.

Planning for the new normal must begin now.

Companies are caught in the eye of the storm. Policies and procedures need to be implemented to protect their business and employees from a pandemic that has enflamed civil unrest.

A crisis management plan helps organizations maintain calm during the storm. The continuity plan must detail security protocols for a variety of crises. Communications must be coordinated with the internal staff as well as the first responders and community leaders to ensure all are well advised.

No one ever thought there would be a price associated with working in a safe and secure workplace. Thoughtful, smart solutions are necessary to get America safely back to work.

Let’s get it started.


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NEXGEN Protection offers a wide range of security solutions to mitigate the high-risk threats unique to your business.

Frank Costa is NEXGEN’s Chief Protection Officer. Frank brings over 20 years from the world of risk management, security protection and investigations experience to protect your business’s bottom line. Costa is also on staff as senior security and counter-terrorism supervisor for a large transportation network. He provides critical security expertise to protect the public.

Every day the NEXGEN Security Team is on the front line, utilizing cutting edge technology to monitor, research and provide security protection to offset threats to your organization and employees.

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