Invest in Top Security Agents to Protect You While Shopping

Invest in Top Security Agents to Protect You While Out Shopping

Frank Costa, President of NEXGEN Protection Security —

Companies like Home Depot have a Loss prevention Department and employee the use of Loss Prevention Agents/Store Security, to apprehend shoplifters.

Many times, Loss prevention Agents deal with aggressive shoplifters who refuse to cooperate. These characters may even assault the security agent. On occasion, shoplifters are armed, like this shoplifter who was carrying at a Home Depot in Chicago. Agents must be well trained to make quick decisions, and at times disarm the shoplifter before any harm can come to the customers.

As a customer, you too can do your part in making our community more secure. If you see something, make a mental note of what is happening, write it down immediately. You are a witness to a crime. An accurate assessment is critical to help law enforcement conduct a thorough investigation. We all need to do what we can to make our world a safer place to live and work.


Source: The Daily Mail, UK

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