Do you know your employees?

Employee Screening Background Checks

It only takes one bad employee
one bad move
one bad day
to ruin your company’s reputation

NexGen PI allows you to perform a background checks on employees
so you can keep your company running in good hands

NexGen background checks are designed to be fast and easy to use so anybody can be preventative when hiring new employees.  With thorough background checks that go through several databases, you can rest assured that NexGen background checks will give you everything you need to know about the person in question, for you and your company’s safety.

Hiring your own employees is a great practice but has its risks.  One bad employee at a company can destroy the company’s culture and/or reputation, two things a company may have worked on for years.  The problems with hiring employees is you never know exactly who you’re bringing on until the interview, and in some worse cases, after you’ve already hired them.  Nexgen Investigations is contracted to verify the validity of the applications you receive to help you make educated hiring decisions that may have an impact on your workforce, financial standings, company environment, or clients and their opinions.

Drug testing is also offered at NexGen.  Workplace drug testing is now common in general for many U.S. employers to lessen the impact from drug abuse and lower productivity in the workplace.

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