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Civil Unrest: Protecting the Safety & Security of Your Business

Safety & Security

Pandemic, protests and civil unrest can overwhelm an organization. Is your business prepared to open back up?

The U.S. has been shuttered.  As a result the economy has collapsed. As we gradually re-open our doors from this crisis, policies and procedures need to be in place to ensure a safe and secure return to work.

Many businesses are beginning to reopen. Everyone is eager to get back to a “new” normal. The death of George Floyd has set off a firestorm, fanning the flames of protests, rioting and despair.

With every passing day, this mandated quarantine has created a financial hardship. Americans need to put food on the table, pay the mortgage. We are all eager to return to work, safely.

Every organization must consider the impact of the recent protests, rioting and looting. How will the potential for violence affect our safety and security?

Organizations must be prepared to mitigate risk.  Protests, demonstrations, riots and civil unrest create an uncertain atmosphere with the potential for violence. This threat must be addressed.

Business needs to think through security policies. And safety procedures to ensure a safe work environment for employees and customers. Security agencies should be brought on to assess the risk. And to develop specialized plans to manage this type of risk.

Mitigation efforts are designed to reduce the impacts of threats to your organization. The public is getting conflicting and confusing reports on what the CDC guidelines are for returning to the workplace.

The measures listed here provide an organization with protocols to offset the potential for dangerous scenarios.

Threat Identification

  • Maintain active monitoring of internal and external threats to the organization.
  • Utilize data-mining services provide an early warning system.
  • Identify disgruntled employees who pose harm to your employees and business.

Monitoring Social Flash-Points

  • Assess current events.
  • Continually measure the pulse of the crowd, it is critical to preparedness.
  • Monitor social media channels. Social is the favored medium of movements to spread a message and communicate with followers.

Intelligence Sharing

  • Communication is critical.
  • Security protection firms work with local Government and law enforcement sharing intelligence on potential threats to the community.

“We provide protection. From the moment you enter the establishment, we are screening and maintaining a secure workplace. Beyond social unrest, we now provide our clients with screening of staff to ensure no one is spreading the coronavirus.” — Frank Costa, President of NEXGEN Protection Services.

Uncertainty is the new norm in our society. As we re-open our doors, organizations need to be prepared to mitigate the dangers of this new normal. Preparation is key, contingency plans are necessary to protect the well-being of your business and your employees.


NEXGEN Protection offers a wide range of security solutions to mitigate the high-risk threats unique to your business.

Frank Costa is NEXGEN’s Chief Protection Officer. Frank brings over 20 years from the world of risk management, security protection and investigations experience to protect your business’s bottom line. Costa is also on staff as senior security and counter-terrorism supervisor for a large transportation network. He provides critical security expertise to protect the public.

Every day the NEXGEN Security Team is on the front line, utilizing cutting edge technology to monitor, research and provide security protection to offset threats to your organization and employees.

Business owners, landlords, property managers, and legal teams throughout the New York State region contract NEXGEN Protection.

To learn more about NEXGEN Protection visit our website at http://nexgenpi.com.